Taskisha J.
5th Year
Taskisha J.It’s with great dignity, and honor to be blessed with such an opportunity that allows time freedom, financial freedom, growth within the organization, and a sound peace of mind. What an exuberant, humbling experience to be with a company where we work like angels to help people on the worst day of their lives. For years, maybe even a decade at this point I was always looking for that Million-Dollar opportunity where I could work for myself. Along with many years of education, finally earning my Master’s Degree, and after joining every Network Marketing company available, I still failed miserably. For two years I was unemployed in the state of Missouri off, and on. Settling in South Carolina, I responded to an online ad from UBI that has forever changed my life. I’m happy that two years prior I decided to take a leap of faith to join Universal Benefits Incorporated. After speaking with Ted Wilson Jr & several associates, I literally thought to myself “what’s the worst that could happen?” Partnering with Universal Benefits Incorporated has been the best decision, and most amazing journey of my adult life. Living the dream of being self-employed for myself, but not by myself is a dream come true. If you’re seeking an opportunity where you can grow, build, and expand then this is the company for you. If you want to be mentored by a company full of six figure income earners, “what are you waiting for”? For years, I was stuck earning a $45,000 annual income, and within my first full year with the company I’ve exceeded that amount immensely at over $60,000 for the year. In all humbleness, I must add that this success in such a short amount of time was not all me. My success consisted of taking a look at this amazing opportunity, and meeting the Founder/CEO of the company. Later, that day I was able to sit and have lunch with Ted Wilson Jr, who is now our President, and speak with him further about the business, which was a grand honor within itself. Our company offers you all the tools necessary for you to accomplish whatever financial goals you desire to attain. Training, mentoring, teaching and a wealth of resources were at my disposal to catapult my business quickly. Through the challenges, and small setbacks, thank God for the training, and one on one support in the field & classroom. This company is amazing because even when you start to run into challenges UBI is there, every last team member to pick you up, push you to the limit, and run with you. You’re never alone with this company because you see, all any of the team members want is for you to reach your full potential, become successful, and leave a legacy for your families! So, just so you know and understand I’m UBI for life!! This company is my dream come true, my life, and legacy as I too will follow in the footsteps of those who will leave behind a legacy as well. I’m exactly where God wants, and needs me to be. UBI For Life!

Kentrell W.
13th Consecutive Year
Kentrell W. and Ted Jr.My name is Kentrell Williams I am 32 years old. This is my ninth consecutive year with the company. I have a wife of ten years and 3 beautiful children of whom I have been blessed to be able to support through my partnership with Ted Wilson Jr and Lincoln Heritage. After a career in the marines we settled in Columbia SC. Shortly thereafter I discovered the insurance business after my wife became pregnant with our first child 9 years ago. I realized that I needed to get health insurance immediately. In my search I found a life insurance sales opportunity that offered me health insurance coverage, and that was exactly what we needed. As I worked for this company, I found that I had a natural talent for sales.

Unfortunately, this company could not provide me with the necessary support system & tools I needed to reach my maximum earning potential. I learned quickly that I needed “quality” leads in order to get in front of more people and make more money. I went on a long search and during that search I met Ted Wilson Jr. Not only did Ted say they could provide me with all “quality final expense leads” I needed, they offered me a pay system like no other with pay on submit of application (next day pay) something that is unheard of in the insurance business! Ted Jr. offered to work directly with me and to help me get my business going. Once my wife and I discussed it and prayed over it, I jumped on the opportunity. That was the decision that changed our lives for the better. I thank God every day for this opportunity, because of that decision and work I’ve put in, I haven’t made less than six figures in the last six years. The partnership with Ted Jr has allowed us to earn the income in which my wife has been a stay at home mom with our now three children since 2008. That is a full time job in itself. We live a very prosperous life with our kids yearly.

At 33, my best year with Ted Jr. was 2013 in which I earned over 170,000k. 2014 was another record setting prosperous year and we feel incredibly thankful for the hard work put into this great system. With 2015 here my goal is to give this opportunity to men and women looking reach their full income potential on this great system the right way. The company offers everything. Great contracts, immediate residual income, long term residual income& the lead system has been fail safe for the past 9 years and continues to grow along with great medical insurance. If you are looking for an opportunity on how to earn well over six figures year after year with LHL and Ted Wilson Jr, contact me. I know I’ve done it several years consecutively. If you are licensed or unlicensed this is an awesome opportunity for a lucrative career by insuring and helping those families in need of our services. Thank God for TW Jr. Group and Lincoln Heritage, I made the right decision to join this partnership.

Tina H.
10th Consecutive Year
Record Year in Personal Sales
Tina H.I have been working with the TW Jr Group and Lincoln Heritage for five consecutive years. My background was in sales but not in insurance. I met Ted Jr through an online ad, he returned my telephone call and a simple interview was scheduled. The rest has been history! After reviewing the system and seeing many of the other successful agents at my orientation, the first thing I decided to do was to fully commit to the system. I didn’t want to sell numerous products for numerous companies. I spent the next few weeks learning everything from Ted Jr and his team. Ted Jr and his team were able to teach me how to sit down with every prospective client. How to work the leads, how to do my presentation and how to get the check. All in all its a system of helping families in need and I get paid to do it! I have never wavered from my training because it works. I speak with and advise new agents and anyone looking at this opportunity, if you are willing to learn they are there to teach you how to sell final expense. There are so many wonderful things that I can say about my career with Ted Jr Group and Lincoln Heritage. The money is there to be made if following the training and work . My first year I made a little over 60k. Due to various personal challenges in my life, looking after elderly parents, & putting 2 kids through college my worst year financially with Ted since my first year has been 91k. How many people can say 91k is a “bad year”? 2014 I set a personal best for sales production and income well over six figures. I’m what I would describe as a lead runner. Each week they provide me with true final expense leads 20-25 (more if I want) leads to work. I stay busy 5-6 days a week with no worries about running out of places to go. The materials and training provided to me are very professional easy to understand and free. The most important thing being in outside sales is Ted Jr & Lincoln are there to help you along the way. They treat all full time agents like family! You have a direct relationship with them and they answer the phone and assist you in whatever your needs are. This is truly a family oriented operation you can trust.

The only company I work with is Lincoln Heritage because they are the best. I’m so very proud and happy of my career. I made the right choice the first time out with the right team at the right time. Everything they promised me they have delivered from same day pay, to hot fresh leads to work, great contract, immediate and long term residual income. I can’t think of a better place to be by getting paid to help seniors, educating my community, my residual income and the personal friendships I’ve developed working with Ted Jr and Lincoln Heritage Life.

Robert G.
Managing Agent 9th Year
Robert G.I have been contracted with universal Benefits/ Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company now just over two years. This has been a very positive and rewarding experience. I have been licensed for more than 20 years and this is the first insurance company that I have felt comfortable enough to work on a full time basis. The leadership is very well organized, professional and supportive.

I saw Lincoln Heritage’s lead commercial about “Funeral Advantage” and called the company to ask if there was a need for agents in this area. I felt the chances were slim since I was looking at a major network. To my surprise, I was contacted by Ted Wilson Jr a few days later. We scheduled a time to meet and we’ve been partners since. Ted Jr was very knowledgeable, confident with the vision and leadership skills I was looking for to go full time. After looking at various opportunities and hearing all the usual promises with other companies I knew Ted Wilson Jr Group & LHL, I had found the right fit.

I made a decision to leave a stable position after 19 years and close to a six figure salary for a commission only position. Can you just imagine having that conversation with a spouse? I had worked most of my one month resignation before really going in detail about how this was going to work. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

This has been a very interesting in two years with Ted Wilson Jr. as my director and friend. My organization is growing and we are on schedule to do close to 500,000 dollars in production this year. The work has been challenging at times. Weekly training and an entire network of support drastically increases everyone’s chances for success.

This business came at the right time for me. Thank you Ted Wilson Jr for your support and how it is making a difference for my family.

Lafayette J.
8th Consecutive Year

Layfayette J.Hello I’m Lafeyette Jackson from Bennettsville, SC, a highly motivated professional that strives to succeed in any and all endeavors that are set before me. I am an ordained elder at my church where I serve in many capacities. I am goal oriented and deadline driven to complete tasks in a timely manner. I have in depth knowledge of the insurance business in which I have been doing for about six years. I have always strived to be a professional with regards to rules and regulations.

I was first contacted out of the blue by Ted, about an opportunity to possibly double my income in this business. At that particular time I was working with one of the “BIG BOYS” selling a variety of products. I felt I was already doing a great job and doing the good enough for career advancement at the other company. I started asking questions about career advancement, products and the direction of this particular company. The answers I received were more confusing and those answers didn’t give me the confidence I was looking for. Some say that lightening or opportunity doesn’t strike twice but in my case it did.

Six months later, I attended a funeral service where I met Robert Grooms. Robert was telling me how his business was booming with this company named Lincoln Heritage. In turn he put me on the phone with guess who? Ted Wilson Jr, we spoke and we remembered each other from the previous conservation we had when I wasn’t interested. We still to this day laugh about our first conversation. I was very grateful for another opportunity to work with some of the greatest people in the business. I have really valued my relationship with Ted Jr from the first day I was taken to Sumter until now. He’s shown me a whole new perspective of not just insurance but the final expense market and the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, which is second to none.

This opportunity has made my career more exciting than ever and has put me in a position to help so many families across the country & to help employ agents into such an awesome career! I’ve been a top producer with the company since I started & I believe the best is yet to come and it’s getting better by the day. I really do thank Robert Grooms for introducing me to Ted & Lincoln Heritage and for getting a second opportunity to join the team. I’m grateful and will commit to do my very best to continue the pride of this company and all that it represents. A special thanks to Ted Jr for believing in me and my talents.

Howard M.
4th Year

Howard M.Although new to the Final Expense atmosphere, I have quickly learned how easily I can help families in their most difficult moment. I’ve talked with many who thought they would never qualify for insurance and gotten to hear the joy in their voice knowing they will not be leaving a burden behind on their loved ones. The entire process of a memorial service is alleviated with our partner Funeral Consumer Guardian Society expert planning.

It gives satisfaction to an already rewarding career. Here at UBI we’ve received the training and knowledge to work hard to achieve our goals, the work for me becomes easy and simple as delivering the information requested by the families we visit on our fantastic lead program. Its made that environment lighthearted and a joy to SHOW UP everyday. Looking to the future, I already know how easily I can grow with UBI helping people and their families achieve a peace of mind while reaching my financial goals for my family. A true win win for all!