Ted, What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final Expense insurance is a policy that can used to pay for funeral services and a burial when the named insured dies. Such a policy helps ease the financial burden placed on a family when a loved one dies. Final expense insurance allows the named insured to feel safe knowing that there are funds set aside to cover funeral-related expenses, regardless of the status of his/her estate at the time of death.

Ted, Who Is the Niche or Target Market?

“Baby Boomers” People ages 50 to 85, although we can cover from 0 to 85. We try to get coverage for those who need it most and may not have the means to cover funeral expenses without a plan.

Ted, Why Are You a Final Expense Guy?

I love helping people and educating them about the availability and benefits of our product. In most situations, we can insure almost anyone age 0 to 85. We are able to cover 98% of people who apply – even with preexisting conditions!

For 20 years I have been providing a valuable service to our community and the families of the people that need my help the most. Most policies average about $50 a month, but we can go as low as $15 a month. I realized years ago this is a recession-proof career.. 13,000 people a day turn 65. By 2030, the 65-plus population will double to about 71 million; by 2050, it will grow to 88 million people.

Ted, How Many Final Expense Carriers Do You Offer?

While we are not captive as an agency we offer our final expense services through Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Lincoln Heritage is the leading final expense company in the nation. While working with other fine insurance companies in the past, through first hand knowledge as a final expense guy, LH offers the best total package for the final expense life insurance agent.

Why dilute and bring confusion to the process with my team when we have the best lead system, a one-page application, same-day advances when sent in with premium, residual income, major medical benefits, and company trips for those with qualifying production, live Home Office support, and a carrier with a household name: Lincoln Heritage. All of this is under one roof, in one place.

Ted, it Seems That Several Companies are Posting ads About Final Expense. What Makes TWJr Group Better?

  • I have over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • I’ve seen several companies in final expense come and go
  • We have a 30 year relationship with Lincoln Heritage
  • I’ve gained a wealth of knoweldge¬† studying the daily operations of UBI and how the business works as an agent in the field, not just as a guy sitting in an office
  • I started out in the 90’s at ground level like everyone else. I’ve never done anything else but learn this craft and I’ve never had anything handed to me.
  • We also have a very thorough and unique training system that if followed, will yield results
  • I’m also a numbers guy, we’ve seen double digit growth since 2007.
  • Honesty & Integrity Mean Something At This Company

My success can be copied and duplicated if you follow my system. I’m forthright and I will never lie to a person. If you are into “getting rich quick” schemes, “couch potato work from home” gimmicks, or are the person who jumps to this and that or has a bad attitude, we aren’t going to fit.

In this system your income potential is unlimited, but this is the real world, it does require work, dedication, being persistent. My focus and passion is to help you reach your full potential financially, circumventing the mistakes I’ve made through trial and error.


Ted, Is a License Required to Sell Final Expense Insurance?

Yes, the Insurance business is an honorable profession that requires a state regulated license.

Ted, Will You Help Pay to Get Me Licensed?

Yes, on the condition you are hired and willing to work full time or transition to full time within a few weeks.

Ted, What Experience Do You & Your MGAs Require?

Experience is great, but it is not necessary. We hire agents with experience, but several of our six-figure earners had no prior experience. You will be trained accordingly, experience or not. What we do absolutely require.

  • PMA: Positive Mental Attitude, You Saw My Write Up About Attitude
  • Trainable: You Must Attend All Training Meetings, This Is Mandatory
  • Good Work Ethic
  • Profit-Driven
  • Someone Self Motivated with Long-Term Goals
  • Coachable
  • Must Enjoy the Family Atmosphere & Personal Relationships We Develop

Ted, Who is Generally a Good Fit for Your Organization?

  • People with a Positive Attitude
  • People Who Like Working Closely with Their Clients
  • Humble
  • Hungry for Success
  • Profit-Driven

Ted, What Previous Career Paths Cross Over Well to Selling Final Expense?

While there is really no career that could not transition to a sales and client focused environment, there are several careers that transition well:

  • Licensed Insurance Agents
  • Term and Mortgage Protection Agents Who Want Stability, Full Time Income and Are Tired of Network Recruiting
  • Debit Agents
  • Recent High School or College Graduates
  • Real Estate/Mortgage
  • Car Sales
  • Cemetery Plot Sales Person
  • Inside Sales
  • Waiters/Waitress
  • Competitive People
  • Department Store Sales
  • Sales Trainers
  • Time Share Sales
  • Door to Door Sales or Canvassing
  • Any Hard Close Sales
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Pastors/Clergy/Funeral Home Representatives

Ted, What Does the Average Producing Agent Make Their First Year?

Because you income is only limited by how much work you are willing to put in and how persistent you are, there is not a hard average number. We have agents who made six-figure incomes in their first year; your potential is up to you!

  • I will be happy to personally share with you the 1099s of many of our first year agents


Ted, What Can a Top Producing Agent Earn Their First 12 Months & Beyond?

Again, this all depends on the agent. We will never limit your income potential; it depends on how much time you spend in the field and your closing ratio.

  • I will be happy to personally share with you the 1099s of many of our agents that worked 24 months or more

Ted, Is This Networking Marketing, Or a Pyramid Scheme?

No! We don’t ask you to sell anything to your family nor do we want you recruiting, networking, hiring or harassing family and friends to join our company. This is a full-time career for full-time professionals.

Ted, What Are My Costs If Any to Start With You?

You would be responsible for paying half of your license and travel expense (Gas) to come to our training classes. You aren’t even asked to pay out of pocket for your leads! Your leads are financed to you with 0 %.

Ted, Do I Have to Pay For The Company Materials?

Absolutely not. All materials, brochures, folders, applications, and training are free.

Ted, Is There Room For Advancement?

Yes. We are always looking for people with the right leadership skills to get into management and grow. First you must prove that you can produce yourself, follow our system, and have the right attitude and characteristics to become a manger. Once this is established, you may start to build your organization within 6 months to a year, maybe sooner!

Ted, What Can a Manager Earn?

Again, that depends on the time and effort you put into management.

Ted, Is This a Man's World? Can Women Succeed With Your Group?

This is absolutely not a man’s world and women can succeed with my group. While in the past men have dominated the insurance industry, this is 2014. Women are extremely successful at selling final expense on our system! Several of our top producers are women from all walks of life. Women with backgrounds in industry, women without any experience in the industry. Married, single mothers, etc. I’m very proud to inform you that many of our top leading producers, managers, and directors are strong, professional women generating the income they want to make!

Ted, Does Lincoln Heritage Pay Residual Income?

Yes! You will get paid a monthly check based on the as earned commission and your residual income after the first year, called a paythrough. Lincoln Heritage pays this starting the first month your clients make their second payment; they don’t make you wait 9 months like most companies. You create for yourself immediate monthly cash flow.

Ted, What Are Most Agents Making In Paythrough (Residual & As Earned) After 1 Year?

Again, depends on the agent and how well they are servicing their policies.


  • I will be happy to personally share with you some of the monthly paythrough earnings of many of our agents

Ted, How Long Will It Take Until I Can Start Earning Commissions As An Agent?

Processing times vary by state, but you should be able to get processed within 7 to 14 days of passing your test. Most states will issue your license within 14 business days, if you have supplied them with everything they need. During this final waiting time, you can fill out our contract and begin the training process. You should be in the field making money within 3 to 4 weeks of starting the process. And when you write business for us, you get paid the same day you submit it with premium!

Ted, How Many Hours Will I Have to Spend in the Field Working Leads?

In order to receive leads, we require you to work 40 hours a week. Our top producers usually work 40-50 hours a week. Like anything else the more you practice or do something, the more natural and easy it becomes. If you are looking for another product to sell or for a part-time job, or looking to broker, this is NOT the opportunity for you. I am only interested in full-time men and women who are looking to change their lives. If you are transitioning from another career, that is fine, but this is not a part-time job. If you are not able to dedicate to this 100%, we are not interested.

Ted, What Ares Do You Suggest are the Best to Work?

The people who need our help the most may not have the means to pay for an unexpected funeral or the costs associated with a death. Many of our customers are living check to check and they need an affordable plan put in place for their final expenses or the final expenses of their loved ones.

Ted, Do I Have to Work My Warm Market (Friends & Family)?

Yes and No. If you have family and friends with a legitimate need for our product, that is fine, after that, it’s time to go to work! We will provide a steady flow of leads for you to work weekly. We don’t need you to market to your warm market, because we can provide you with the best leads in the business.

Ted, Am I Forced to Get Leads?

Nobody will force anything upon you, but understand that this is a lead driven business to a niche market of people and a lead system is necessary. If you are not going to work the lead system, it is my strong, yet humble opinion, you are afraid of the commitment to work or you are not willing to earn the type of income you desire. Therefore, if you are not going to work our lead system, we need an explanation on how you plan to work 40 hours a week.

Ted, How Many Leads Will I Receive?

We will start you with 15-20 leads per week. Our top producers get 20-35 leads per week.

Ted, What is the Average Closing Ratio?

Your closing ratio will depend on your experience making sales. We expect new agents to be closing at 20%, but top agents who have put time into learning our system will close at a higher percentage. If you are not closing at 20%, we will help correct what is wrong to try to bring your ratio up.

Ted, is Your Training Mandatory?

Yes, without a doubt. Set your ego aside. Many of our top income earners came to us from other companies and sincerely put aside what they were previously taught in order to learn our system. If you refuse to put the time in to learn the system and prove you know it, you will not receive any leads. We will terminate your contract if for some reason our training guidelines are not repeatedly met.

Ted, How Does Our Training Work?

We provide online training which should take only a few days. After that is completed, we will conduct local classroom training with you. Once classroom training is complete, you will field train with one of our top producing agents or managers. After this ride-along, there will be another round of classroom training where you will role play and go through the selling process again.

Once everyone is comfortable, we’ll assign you leads and let you hit the field. You will be expected to close a minimum of 20% before you can receive more leads. If you are struggling, we’ll put you back in the car and help you rework your leads.

Ted, What is a Typical Starting Agent Contract?

Agent contracts can vary based on experience and past production. Your contract is something we will discuss in more detail once we have the opportunity to talk with you.

Ted, How Can I Attain a Higher Contract Percentage?

Production! I base everything on a person’s production and your group’s production if you are a manager. There is equal opportunity for everyone in the company to grow; your income potential is limited only by how much you are willing to work.

Ted, Why Are Your Leads So Great?

They were developed by life insurance agents for life insurance agents. They resonate with prospects for easier appointments about our exclusive products and services we only carry

I explain that in more detail on the Leads Page,

Ted, Do You Make Money on the Leads?

Not a penny! TWJG makes our money in production, not by selling leads. I personally invest thousands of dollars every year on discounting leads, led credits, and even free lead bonuses because I try to reward my full-time agents for their success! I came to the realization years ago that this is a lead-driven business and without quality prospects for you to see, you could be dead in the water.

Ted, What is the Average Monthly Payment For Our Clients?

$45 to $65 a month, but we can get them coverage for as low as $15 a month.

Ted, What is the Average Face Amount of Each Policy?

Most of our policies will be below $20,000, but we can write up to $35,000 for a single client.

Ted, What is the Maximum Face Amount We Offer?


Ted, How Can I Make a Six-Figure Income Selling $45 Policies?

By selling in volume and keeping a high retention rate. Lincoln Heritage generated nearly a million leads last year alone; there are plenty of people calling in interested in a policy who need our help.

Ted, How Much Do The Leads Cost?

Lead costs vary by state and by type of lead; this is something we can discuss in more detail when we have the opportunity to meet with you.

Ted, What is Lead Financing?

Lead financing means there is no upfront cost for our full-time agents who have gone through training. As you write policies, a portion of you commissions will go towards paying back any lead costs you have.

Ted, Do You Have Chargebacks?

Yes, every company has chargebacks. The beauty of our system is that we have a continued cash flow and we finance the charges. Meaning that if you owe $500 in chargebacks, in most cases we will not hold all of your commissions until it is paid, unlike most companies. We will withhold a small percentage so you still have a continuous cash flow. Our chargebacks are pro rated


This is why many agents “broker.” They have chargebacks with various companies and do not have a continuous cash flow coming from a single company.

Ted, How Many Policies Cancel Within the First Year?

Every company is going to have cancellations and many industry experts are saying you are doing well if you can retain 70% of your first year business in final expense. Our retention is averaging 82-85% Both Lincoln Heritage and TWJG have retention teams who are working for you to keep your policies in place. This means that you get to retain more of the money you make!

Ted Does The LH Offer Medical & Dental Insurance

Yes, based on quarterly production by agents and managers

Ted, Are You Captive?

No we are not captive! But understand we believe in integrity. A large amount of money is spent to develop the quality leads we have for you to use, and this is not being done so you can write them with other carriers. If you use the lead program, you will agree to sell them with one company: Lincoln Heritage. I have been guilty in the past of believing “agent stories.” My full total belief now is you should be totally loyal to the one feeding you. Or better yet, you leave with the date you arrived with at prom.

Ted, What Does an Average Agent's Day Look Like?

Our agents are working anywhere from 15 to 35 fresh leads per week. Starting at 9:00 a.m., we recommend you work until your goals are completed. Some weeks you will work 50 plus hours while others you will work 40. As I mentioned earlier, the more you do something, the better and more efficient you will become at it. Most of your time will be spent talking with clients in their homes or agents conducting seminars.

Ted, What Are You Like to Work With?

If you are hired, you will find that I’ve established a family-like atmosphere to work in. I am humble, low key, and fiercely loyal to the people I believe in. Once you get to know me, you will find that I’m passionate, rock steady, and serious about what I do. I know my craft and I know my system. Don’t expect me to be a jumper selling something else next week, in 6 months, or the next “hot thing” out. I’m also a fierce competitor and I hate to lose or come in 2nd place. I don’t have time for big egos or bad attitudes. If you are hired, you will get my full attention and commitment to help you succeed and reach your goals. It has to be done my way because my system works. You will be treated fairly, with professionalism and respect. You will be teamed directly with me or with one of my top managers who also share that same passion and vision. Everything I’ve told you I can back with numbers. One of my mottos is “People Lie, Numbers and Income Don’t.”

Ted, Why Are You So Passionate? What Drives You?

You’ve heard the saying “Opportunity only knocks once.” Lincoln Heritage is a once-in-a-lifetime company and this is an opportunity. I don’t throw words around much, but people here are making good money by simply helping people. This is not only the right opportunity, but it is the exact right time to do it. Now! The growth of the industry for the next 30 years will be incredible, and income potential unlimited for those willing to work hard and put in the time.

Ted, All of This Sounds Great. What Can You Promise Me?

I can promise you a turnkey system that is proven and that works. I can promise you a career opportunity. I can promise you that you will receive 120% support from me, my associates, and Lincoln Heritage. I can promise you that Lincoln Heritage is the leading Final Expense Company in the nation. I can promise you, if you come in, learn my system, and match the passion and work ethic I have for your own success, you will succeed!