Be Careful Who You Follow

Leads.........We All Follow Someone, Be Careful Who You Follow

Quality Leads are the Life-Line of any serious Final Expense Agent

Not All Final Expense Lead Programs are Created Equal

Just Compare the Numbers To Any Other Company That Writes Final Expense:
A record-breaking year, writing over $160 million in new annualized premium in 2017 "Nationwide"

  • Over 143,000,000 in New Sales 2015 "Nationwide"
  • Over 131,000,000 in New Sales 2014 "Nationwide"
  • Over 116,000,000 in New Sales 2013 "Nationwide"

Just A Few Of Our Our Top Lead Producers June 2018

  • $45,727.52
  • $28,190.76
  • $26,098.80
  • $26,008.20
  • $23,809.92
  • $22,716.72
  • $21,755.76
  • $20,719.20
  • $20,681.04
  • $20,040.60
  • $20,040.60
  • $19,971.96
  • $18,689.28
  • $18,362.16
  • $18,266.76
  • $18,124.32
  • $17,222.88
  • $17,030.88
  • $16,988.40
  • $16,375.92
  • $15,987.48
  • $14,308.56
  • $13,828.92
  • $13,764.24
  • $13,599.72
  • $13,289.64
  • $13,213.80
  • $13,212.24
  • $12,816.84
  • $12,768.24
  • $12,724.44
  • $12,610.08
  • $12,528.96
  • $12,524.40
  • $12,492.36
  • $12,432.00
  • $12,340.68
  • $12,314.88
  • $12,289.08
  • $12,259.18
  • $12,142.32

Millions Generated In Our Specific Region by Our Agent Force

Ted Wilson JrLincoln Heritage has the best final expense lead system in the country because of continuous research and development. Starting in 2004 Lincoln Heritage created its own in house lead program and began an exhaustive research and development program for the agent sales force. This research and development combined with training from the TWJr Group equals sales results from our top producers. "Every company is going to claim or boast they have the "best leads" in the industry, but few if any will show you any sales numbers for their lead system. I have read on some sites claiming they are final experts, yet they tell you, that you do not need leads or that they have leads or they have those magical "free leads." I want you to check the facts and choose wisely. This is the truth about final expense leads." -Ted Wilson Jr.

Frequent Questions from Agents

Do You Provide Lead Training?
Yes, you will attend University Style Lead training seminars along with field training from a Top Producer

Do You Have A Leads, B Leads or C Leads?
All of the above

Are Your Leads Any Good?
Our sales numbers are UNMATCHED in the final expense industry. Anyone else tell you otherwise ask for specific sales proof regionally or nationally.

How Old Are Your Leads?
We provide fresh quality exclusive direct mail, television, and other sourced leads.

Do I Have to Pay for Leads?
Our full time exclusive agents are never asked to pay for leads out of pocket.

While these questions are legitimate, the answers do not always paint a complete picture. Some of the truly important questions about leads can be overlooked, these include:

Do You Have True Final Expense Leads?
Yes, our leads are tailor made exclusive for the FCGS program. No other carrier can provide this exclusive lead.

How Much Did Your Company Write in Final Expense Alone for the Full Year?
160 million nationwide(2017) and several million regionally.

How Many Fresh New Leads Did Your Company Generate for Your Agents?
Several thousand monthly

What Was the Top Premium Amount Written for a Single Month for Those Working Your Lead Program?
Over 40,000 for a single month.

Are Your Leads Exclusive?
Our leads are fresh & exclusive to all full time agents, unless that agent requests B leads.

What Various Types of Leads Does the Company Provide?
We have various proven successful lead strategies, ask us.

Does Your Company Use "BAIT & SWITCH" Leads?
Absolutely not, our prospects know why they contacted us.

Will I Really Get The Proper Lead Training & Support?
Yes! You will be classroom and field trained by the top income earners in our company provided you are full time and exclusive.

The Lincoln Heritage advantage

There are two important advantages we have over other companies: a dedication to a single market and a system designed around our agents. Lincoln Heritage is only interested in selling one product: Final Expense! The company's research and development is designed to improve upon the final expense lead and to learn innovative ways to reach the final expense consumer. They listen to the ideas and suggestions from the field force and are always striving to produce the best quality lead for the agent. Lincoln Heritage listens to feedback from their top producing field agents, not from someone in an office who has never sold a policy or has never knocked on a front door. The TW Jr Group provides unmatched field and classroom training from the top income earners in the company!