It's No Coincidence The Top Producing Final Expense Agent in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia All Six Use Our Lead System

Your Frustration Is Over, Finally Quality Leads You Can Trust Year After Year

We would like for you to contact us directly for a private meeting about leads & what's truly happening in the industry. I've worked with several final expense carriers in the past. I would like to compare the system by the numbers.

You To Can Become A 25k-40k Producer With Our Lead System


Frequent Questions from Agents

Do You Provide Lead Training?
Yes, you will attend University Style Lead training seminars along with field training from a Top Producer

Do You Have A Leads, B Leads or C Leads?
All of the above

Are Your Leads Any Good?
Our sales numbers are UNMATCHED in the final expense industry. Anyone else tell you otherwise ask for specific sales proof regionally or nationally.

How Old Are Your Leads?
We provide fresh quality exclusive leads in several formats for our agents. Month after month, day after day, year after year.

Do You Have True Final Expense Leads?
Yes, our leads are tailor made to reach the final expense consumer. We DO NOT use bait and switch leads.

Contact me directly for personal lead production and how to create and build a multimillion dollar final expense agency with leads.