Getting Licensed

Smiling businessman with blue folder.Do I Have to Have a License to Sell Insurance?
Yes, you must obtain a life license through the state in order to be able to sell Final Expense.

Do You Recommend I Study to Get Multiple Licenses?
No, you only need to obtain a life license; you do not need to study for health or property and casualty unless you wish to do so.

Do I Have to Have Sales Experience to Do This?
No, Experience Required! We do not require any past work or sales experience to become an agent. We actually prefer to train people that aren’t currently licensed to sell Final Expense. Some of our best agents have never sold anything before and went on to make in excess of $100,000 their first year. We like to train people, regardless of your past to be successful, but you have to be willing to follow the system and be committed to us 100%.

Will You Help With the Licensing Cost?
Yes, we will help with the cost of your license, if you commit to working our system full time or transition full time.

What If I Have a Bankruptcy or Bad Credit, Can I Still Get Licensed?
Your credit score or a bankruptcy will not affect you being able to obtain a license.

Can People with a Criminal Record Obtain an Insurance License?
This is done case by case basis.

If you are seriously interested in this career let’s get started. Thousands of people make the mistake of walking away from a successful high paying career simply because they refused to get licensed or think it’s a great hassle.