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Hello I'm Ted Wilson Jr, most of my friends know me just as Ted. Thank you for visiting our website today and thank you for reading a little about myself. I'm assuming that if you're at the website you may be looking for a better financial opportunity for yourself and your family. You may want to know who is Ted Wilson Jr. before you make a firm positive decision to apply with us. I'm a 20-year veteran of the life insurance business.

Ted Wilson Jr

You may assume my story is simple and typical being the son of Ted Wilson Sr., someone who's had a larger than life personality in our industry and who started with $0 to being a self-made millionaire. My story isn't quite that easy or simple. I received my insurance license when I was just 18 years old. But like many I wanted nothing to do with the insurance business at that young age. I got my license because it was suggested as a way to earn extra money in the summer. I was never forced into the business or asked to join the business; in fact I never set foot in my father's office for years at a time.

Shortly after high school, while licensed, I explored several business opportunities and eventually decided I would go to college and work a part time job. I decided to become a waiter for a local restaurant and I remember the days being long, hard, and me wondering where my future was headed. I would usually find myself borrowing money from my parents to pay for a new truck I had purchased the spring of 1994. I vividly remember the very last time 20 years ago when I asked my father for a $150 loan to make a $315 payment. He made a deal with me. That if he'd loan me the money I would come work with him for just 1 month to see what he was doing. If I didn't like it I would go back and try things my way. It was a deal.

I went to work at his office where I was trained on this product from "Life of Boston" which was Lincoln Heritage in 1994. We got a handful of these things called "leads." I remember we got about 15 of them. Worked from sun up to sun down for 2 days straight and we made friendships with nearly every home we went to. My father said, sign here and go mail these applications off. So I did what he asked and sent the applications over night. Two days later I received a check for over $1,500! Not only did I make that kind of money I vividly remember helping 2 women get the coverage they desperately needed. One was an insulin dependent diabetic and the other had a rare heart condition. Not only did I get paid, but I got paid for helping people! I was hooked and I've never looked back.

My first full year in 1995 I made more than $60,000. In 1996 and 1997 I was able to increase that. I was making great money but I was making the huge mistake "Brokering" my time and efforts. I was trying to be everyone's insurance guy. My briefcase was full of Universal Life, Term, and various Final Expense companies. It went on like this until the early 2000s. I decided to stop selling ULs and Term insurance because ULs were confusing and the residual income for Term insurance was very poor and both of these products can be dictated by the economy, resulting in poor persistency. I noticed that I was easily earning more residual income with Lincoln Heritage than all the others combined.

From 2000 to 2004 I thought I would increase my earnings by becoming a "final expense broker." One thing I rapidly found out is that having a contract with no support is frustrating. While Lincoln Heritage was growing and giving me the support I needed, the rest of the companies were making their applications more difficult by the year, year after year. I received little if any lead support, virtually no home office or marketing support. Two of the companies pulled out of final expense in South Carolina and one company went insolvent!

In 2005 I took the Lincoln Heritage fork in the road and I thank God for his wisdom that I did. My income skyrocketed by selling 1 simple product to 1 niche market year round. In 2006 I earned over six figures in income. In 2008 I earned an even higher income during the worst recession in US history. 2009 another increase in my earnings.

I thought to myself, "Why not teach this system and give others this same opportunity I have?" Thousands of people were then and now looking for recession-proof careers. This is my goal, my passion and my conviction! Since 2009 I have humbly and quietly run a multi-million dollar operation in South Carolina assembled with great talented loyal and humble people. With the knowledge and experience gained through trial and error, I'm always trying to perfect the system and help agents avoid the mistakes I made. Throughout my trails and error Lincoln Heritage has been right time and time again, never wavering but yet growing and growing as a company. 2013 was TWJG's best year and as of June 30, 2014 we are up 36% for the year and growing!

I have a burning passion and conviction for what we do. My visions for the next 30 years are twofold: 1) To provide a stable environment for hundreds of partnering agents in our territories by conducting business the right way and putting our agents first. 2) To continue to provide the best customer service and to be there for our clients on one of the worst days of their lives. It is truly a wonderful feeling being a leader at a company where you are helping people through the worst times of their lives.

It is an equally wonderful feeling watching your colleagues achieve their own personal financial goals, and being able to do the important things in life like spending time with their families, sending their children to college, purchasing a home, or contributing to churches, charities, or organizations to better their communities. TWJG is here to provide you with an opportunity to meet your financial goals with a tested and rewarding system. If your goal is to earn 75,000, 100,000, 250,000 or 500,000 a year, I would like to help you meet that goal; but your potential commissions depend on you and how hard you are willing to work and trust in our system. If this sounds like something you would be interested in committing to, I look forward to speaking with you at my next seminar in your area!

- Founder Ted Wilson Jr

Meet The Staff

Kathy BuelKathy Buel

Title: Director of the Lead Department & Lead Financing
Responsible for keeping you abreast of leads in your area, lead credits, lead balance notification, lead drop rotation, and helping with any information concerning leads.



Janiece English, Lead ExpertJaniece English

Title: Leads Expert




Sherry BlackmonSherry Blackmon

Title: Ted Jr's Personal Assistant, Recruiting Coordinator
Responsible for coordinating recruiting seminars, direct recruiting of agents, forwarding prospects accordingly. Also responsible for online recruiting & taking direct recruiting calls. 




Amanda WinfieldAmanda Winfield

Title: Recruiting Coordinator and Training Registration