October 23rd 2020

As the situation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, our paramount concern has been for the health and safety of our agents, associates & policy holders. We can proudly report that 99% of our agents and their families are and have been safe from COVID-19! We will continue to monitor and follow all state, local and federal laws to insure the safety of our agents and policy holders.


Attention Final Expense Agents:

Without the right support system and mentoring, the life insurance business can be very challenging. Due to Covid 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for the life insurance industry. Many agents struggle with the following.

Closing sales
Wasting your money with gimmick online sales training from trainers with no reputation of personal accomplishment
Wasting your money on "leads that don't work" for your market
Applications 5-25 plus pages
Having to shop 15 carriers to get a client issued
Advance commission with no renewals
Afraid to work in the field
No telesales marking plan
Carriers not accepting new applications, tightening under writing restrictions

Final Expense Agents your sales career DOES NOT have to be this way. Learn to write 200k-400k in annual production. Learn how to build a final expense agency the proper way. Through training, development, quality leads all year on a blue print tailor made for you.

Congratulations to our top contest winners. THE TOP AGENT WON 10,000 IN CASH FOR OCTOBER, 2ND PLACE AGENT WON 5,000 IN CASH FOR OCTOBER.

Going into the New Year, UBI will be giving away a brand new 2022 cross over SUV for agents that win our next contest!

Final Expense agents looking to make a move looking to secure your family's income.

I am proud of the company that we and so many others have worked to build. I am proud of the diversity, the success stories, and the service we offer to under-served people during this extremely difficult time. I am extremely proud of the leadership of our carriers. We know where they stand and we back them 100%. Despite everything that I can do I feel I can do more. I, like all Americans, want my children and my grand children to live in a better country than the one my ancestors, grandparents, parents & myself were born into. We all have an important role to play as allies and partners. Through Christ, I encourage you to educate yourself and find ways to take action where you are to make our nation better.

Ted Wilson Jr
President, Universal Benefits

Ted Wilson Jr



Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Lincoln Heritage is committed to helping families across the country in their darkest hours, through simplified processes and quick, personal service. As a Lincoln Heritage agent, you will be partnered with one of the best in final expense! Since 1963, the company has been focused on providing the best service it can to both the final expense buyer and the final expense agent.


  • Founded in 1981 by Ted Wilson Sr., UBI formed a partnership with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company in 1989.