Happy Holiday Season

I would like to thank our office staff and the tireless professional insurance agents that partner with UBI. Without your hard work dedication and loyalty to our vision we wouldn't be the largest volume producing final expense agency on the east coast. We thank you for a tremendous 2021 during the Covid outbreak. We thank you for record setting sales helping families in 2021. At UBI we love our staff, we love the agents that have decided to partner with us, we love our clients. We love people. Again, thank you for your incredible hard work. We are steam rolling to shattering new sales records heading into the 4th quarter of 2022. We would like to wish our associates, staff and all of our policy holders a happy healthy holiday season.
Ted Wilson Jr.
President Universal Benefits

If you are a final expense agent looking for a six-figure or management opportunity, please reach out to us on ourĀ  Interview page.


You have the opportunity to earn these types of bonuses and income with UBI United

Two Men Holding Their Reward

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Lincoln Heritage is committed to helping families across the country in their darkest hours, through simplified processes and quick, personal service. As a Lincoln Heritage agent, you will be partnered with one of the best in final expense! Since 1963, the company has been focused on providing the best service it can to both the final expense buyer and the final expense agent.


  • Founded in 1981 by Ted Wilson Sr., UBI formed a partnership with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company in 1989.