Final Expense Regional Marketing Firm

Thank you to all the agents and family at UBI!!! You all helped raise over 100k in charity for the Arizona Cancer Foundation For Children.

April 2019 was the best month ever in sales in the 38 years of UBI!!

Fun Facts:

Fact: 2018 Our largest company paid 38,421 claims nation wide. For a total of 183,726,000, 183 million 726 thousand dollars in claims to families in a single year 2018

Fact: UBI was responsible for 4,007 claims in 2018 for a total pay out of 26,353,000

Fact: Of those claims UBI received 1,177 thank you letters from clients

Fact: 233 thank you letters from funeral homes that said "Thank you, we've never been paid this smoothly 

Fact: Year to date UBI final expense agents have earned 15,759,000.

Agents in New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia you won't find a better opportunity or culture of people to partner with. Currently we have 54,000 5$ leads available for lead running agents!

Quote of the Month

"Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion."


About Ted Wilson Jr Group LLC & UBI

Ted Wilson Jr. Group LLC is a division of Universal Benefits. We're actively hiring final expense agents in 5 states: South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. Universal Benefits (UBI) is family owned and operated by the Wilson family and is one of the largest & fastest growing final expense regional firms in the United States!

Founded in 1981 by Ted Wilson Sr., UBI formed a partnership with Lincoln Heritage in 1989. Since that partnership, the marketing firm has been a leader in final expense sales and has flourished across the southeast and the east coast, and continues to grow!

Our business is selling final expense insurance. However, that’s only a small portion of our story. We’re a proud christian based equal opportunity company offering career opportunities for men and women in our region. To really know who we are as a team, you’d have to know our commitment to excellence, our passion about what we do, and the fierce family like loyalty we have to our agents & clients alike.

We passionately believe in final expense insurance and providing the best customer service for people during one of the worst periods of their lives. We believe in great customer service before, during and after a claim has been paid. We believe everyone should have a dignified stress free home going service.


We're committed to providing a sincere opportunity for agents to change their lives. The opportunity at UBI is only limited by  each individual agent's own work ethic and imagination.  We have agents that entered our business on the brink of foreclosure and bankruptcy that now earn an excess of $250,000 annual income, with yearly growth. Great earning potential is not the full story. Our agents live meaningful, extraordinary lives, giving back to their communities as in charities, local colleges & universities.

The UBI family is a diverse group made up of men and women from every type of background. From dish washers, mortgage brokers, clergy, former professional athletes, customer service reps, recent high school-college grads, rookie agents, to seasoned insurance agents UBI can offer you a career opportunity regardless of your experience. Please visit our career and licensing page.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Lincoln Heritage is committed to helping families across the country in their darkest hours, through simplified processes and quick, personal service. As a Lincoln Heritage agent, you will be partnered with one of the best in final expense! Since 1963, the company has been focused on providing the best service it can to both the final expense buyer and the final expense agent.