Congratulations Briana H. Our March 2018, 4,500 Bonus Winner. You Earned It!!!!!

Trips & Incentives

Ted Wilson Jr. Group and Lincoln Heritage Rewards You for Your Efforts.

Our Full Time Writing Agents Received Record Cash Bonuses and Other Incentives in 2017

Our Next Agent Convention:

  • Whistler Canada February 28, 2018
    Winter Wonderland

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Will your boss, sales manager or "RVP" give you a 10,000k bonus for a job well done?
We did! Congratulations Renee Kelly & others that earned bonuses

Rene Kelley

"2017" Was another record year in sales for our group, with a record number of agents attending our Munich Germany convention. We truly believe in rewarding our top agents for their hard work, production and for great persistency! Imagine getting paid daily advance commissions up to 25 times per month, over writes 4 times per month, paythrough, renewals, plus monthly bonuses! It's what we believe in and what we do, rewarding you for your effort and hard work!

Trips & Incentives

My first convention with Lincoln Heritage was 1997. The company conducts 1st class luxurious conventions around the world for their agents and members of their families. Some companies offer no convention or agent only conventions. With Lincoln Heritage you and your spouse or significant other are always invited to convention per you qualify.

16 Years of Rewarding Luxurious Trips

  • 1997 - London, England
  • 1998 - Cancun, Mexico
  • 1999 - Hawaii
  • 2000 - St. Thomas
  • 2001 - Costa Rica
  • 2002 - Whistler, Canada
  • 2004 - Maui, Hawaii
  • 2005 - Bermuda
  • 2006 - Quebec, Canada
  • 2007 - Paris
  • 2015 - Munich, Germany
  • 2016 - Kona Hawaii
  • 2018 - Whistler Canada

Ted Wilson Jr. Group Also Rewards Our Top Producers!

  • Free Leads
  • Cash
  • Computers, Laptops
  • Gift Cards
  • Gas Cards
  • DVD Players
  • Designer Clothes, Shoes, Ties
  • Much much more for your hard work

Lincoln Heritage convention

Ted Wilson Jr handing check to agent.

Christina, convention incentive winner.

Ted Wilson Jr with SC, convention incentive winner.